A few selected projects from past clients.

Websites, Social Media graphics and videos and a few text logos too.

Websites for Local Businesses

Simple Website for local landscaper

Client Requirements

A simple website to let customers know what services were offered, what locations were serviced, how to contact and portfolio of past work. Client wanted colour on the site. Local paper advertising was proving ineffective and expensive.


  • A simple website was created with the phone number being highly visible due to that being the preferred method of contact.
  • A Google Business page was set up to ensure the business showed on the Google Map during searches.
  • A Facebook page was set up to ensure no other business claimed the business name and to direct customers to the website. 

The Result

The majority of the clients new customers come via the website. Several enquiries are received per day from the contact form on the site.

The client no longer needs to advertise externally, therefore, his only advertising costs are the website hosting and maintenance plan.

Haircuts @ Jindalee website

Client Requirements

Client was setting up a brand new salon in a suburb that already had a few hair dressing salons. The client needed a website to ensure any potential clients knew about her salon and it’s points of difference.


  • The website is simple and can be updated by the owner if she wishes. It provides all of the information her potential customers need without being over the top.
  • A Google Business page was set up to ensure the business showed on the Google Map during searches. This was very important as all of her competitors were listed. 
  • A Facebook page was set up by client.

The Result

The clients business is getting found via the website, google maps, and the Facebook page. The business is doing well.
The next steps would be to get some photos of hair styles created in the salon, more blog posts and more active social media.

Construction Website

Client Requirements

I created this website back in 2012 when I was working for the client. The client had purchased the Domain Name but had not set up a website. The aim for the site was to show the latest developments to enable potential tenants to view online before an onsite visit.

This site still looked good in 2018, 6 years old. This site would be improved with a lot more information on the tenancies.


  • The website was super simple and was able to be updated by the owner. Its focus is on images to show potential tenants.
  • No SEO, Social Media or Google Business tools were required for the site at the time of creation as the aim was to send clients to the site after their initial tenancy enquiry. Although I would definitely add these features when the site gets an update.

The Result

A more professional look for the business. A place where potential tenants can view the buildings and interiors before visiting on site.

A starter site that could be used as a lead generation for tenancy enquiries rather than relying entirely on real estate listing sites. The client would need to invest some time into adding the required information on the tenancies.

Text Logos & Social Media

Simple Text logos

If you’re not ready to create a logo for your business, use a text logo.

Many businesses chose to just use text as their logo. You can update your logo at any time.


A short video I created for a local artisans market. I love this market, it’s eco friendly and supports local artisans.

Videos will usually receive more likes, shares and comments on social media.

When promoting an event, make sure you mix it with photos, text, Q&A’s & videos and always answer questions and messages promptly.

Social Media Graphics

Social Media needs a mix of Text, Photos and Videos.

These graphics were created using Canva – an online program that anyone can learn for simple graphics.


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